Gloves Come Off 拳王

25 Episodes

Kevin’s character was obsessed with Muay Thai boxing. Along with his si hing Kenny Wong (黃德斌), the pair started boxing in Thailand’s black market due to a moment of greed. As a result, Kevin committed an error that would haunt him for the rest of his life.

Returning to Hong Kong, Kevin was eager to forget his boxing past. He found a job in the security department of a sporting goods company, hoping to live a plain life outside of the boxing ring. Kevin attracted the romantic interest of his superior, Selena Li (李詩韻).

Resolving an initial misunderstanding with Kevin, Raymond Wong, who worked as an office assistant at the sporting goods company, discovered that they shared a mutual passion for Muay Thai boxing. Kevin returned to boxing association, Dragon Fist Hall, to nurture the talent of Raymond Wong and mute boxer, Nancy Wu (胡定欣). Acting as the duo’s mentor, Kevin worked towards his singular passion for boxing once again, while freeing himself from painful past memories.

Unfortunately, Kenny Wong’s jealousy towards Kevin’s success morphed into hate. Kenny plotted to undermine the trust between Kevin and Raymond. Will the duo’s former friendship and current rivalry be ultimately settled inside the boxing ring?



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